Wine List


Black Star Farms Arcturos Sur Lie Chardonnay
(Traverse City)

6oz $6 • 9 Oz • $7• Bottle $22

This is a lovely un-oaked chardonnay from a very good vintage. There are flinty and steely aromas combined with classic chardonnay fruit flavors of apple, citrus and pear.


Leelanau Cellars Tall Ship Chardonnay (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $5 • 9 Oz • $6 • Bottle $17

This classic chardonnay has a medium body, is ever so slightly off dry, quite crisp. Plenty of citrus flavors and tropical aromas including fresh pineapple, ripe mango and starfruit are present.


Verterra Pinot Grigio (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $6• 9 Oz • $7 • Bottle $22

The grape color ranges from dark pink to almost black and the tight, uniform clusters produce a wine that expresses a crisp, dry, vibrant pear and apple nose. 


Chateau Grand Traverse Late Harvest Riesling (Traverse City)

6oz $6 • 9 Oz • $7 • Bottle $22

A textbook example of balance between sweetness and acidity, this wine displays abundant citrus flavors with fleshy white peach, cantaloupe, and orange blossom honey. This fan favorite is bright and addictively delicious!


Leelanau Cellars Tall Ship Moscato (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $5 • 9 Oz • $6 • Bottle $17

Easy drinking moscato that is sweet and crisp with notes of peach, apricot and citrus.




Aurora Cellars Rose’ (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $6.00 • 9 Oz • $7• Bottle $22

Red berries on the nose followed by a crisp finish with Meyer lemon and bright, ripe Michigan tart cherry. Rosé is an ideal wine to drink all year round and pairs well with a variety of cheese, fish, grilled light meat, pastas, and salads.




Black Star Farms Arcturos Merlot (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $9 • 9 Oz • $11 • Bottle $30

A deceptively dry wine, with blackberry and plum flavors complemented by hints of oak and dark cocoa. The velvety texture and mild tannins leave a soft but lasting impression on the palate.


Chateau Areonautique Cabernet Sauvignon (Irish Hills)

6oz $10 • 9 Oz • $12 • Bottle $35

Black cherry nose, subtle white oak, hint of black liquorice, beautiful and brooding


Black Star Farms Arcturos Pinot Noir (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $8 • 9 Oz • $10 • Bottle $28

Aromas of violets and plums followed by fruit forward flavors of dark cherries, currants and complementary oak in the finish.


Leelanau Cellars Tall Ship Red (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $5 • 9 Oz • $6 • Bottle $17

A favorite of visitors to the winery. This merlot and syrah blend is medium bodied, smooth and loaded with red and blackberry flavors.


Cherry Creek Devils Lake Red (Brooklyn)

6oz $6 • 9 Oz • $7 • Bottle $22.00

This is a fun, fruity, sweet, chill able red wine. A blend that always includes some concord for the classic grape note.




Leelanau Cellars Cherry (Leelanau Peninsula)

6oz $4 • 9 Oz • $5 • Bottle $16.00

Made from northern Michigan Montmorency tart cherries, this 100% pure cherry wine has a tangy character. Enjoy this wine served ice cold or mixed with soda and a lemon wedge to make a refreshing spritzer.


Chateau Areonautique Aviatrix Passion (Irish Hills)

6oz $8 • 9 Oz • $10 • Bottle $28.00

Late harvest vidal blanc infused with cranberry; bright, fresh fruit, crisp, fun!